London, UK, December 8, 2020 – Monivent AB announces today that the company has signed an agreement with Echo Healthcare Inc. for distribution of Monivent Neo Training in the USA and Canada.
“This is a large and important step for Monivent supporting our plan to make Monivent Neo Training available on a global basis. Both the USA and Canada have a clear focus on education and training for healthcare professionals, and through the agreement with Echo Healthcare, we reach this segment in an effective way. We are happy to be able to work with a company that shares our vision to ensure improved care for our youngest patients. Introducing Neo Training gives us an important entry point in the US and Canada for a future launch of the Neo100,” said Karin Dahllöf, CEO of Monivent.

“As a former critical care paramedic educator who specialized in respiratory care and management, I am thrilled to partner with the most dynamic, realistic infant respiratory simulation company in the world. The addition of Monivent to our infant product suite truly completes the offering and allows new learners and experienced clinicians alike the ability to immediately see the results of their ventilation practice. Patient safety makes up the core of our mission, and we are very proud to represent Monivent in North America,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

About Monivent 

Monivent AB (“Monivent”) develops, manufactures and sells medical devices in order to improve the emergency care provided to newborns in need of respiratory support at birth. About three to six percent of all newborns end up in this critical situation and healthcare professionals today lack good tools to determine how effective this manual ventilation is. Monivent has developed and is about to start the launch of equipment that measures the airflow to the child directly in the face mask via a sensor module that sends data wirelessly to an external monitor. The caregiver thereby receives immediate feedback, which enables necessary adjustments to ensure an effective but at the same time gentle treatment.

About Echo Healthcare

Founded in 2018, Echo Healthcare is a premier healthcare simulation company with the mission of saving lives and improving patient outcomes through simulation, education and innovation. Echo Healthcare is focused on providing the most realistic and immersive simulation products in the world. Comprising over 40 years of combined medical education and simulation experience, the professionals at Echo Healthcare are committed to delivering the very best service to their end users.