MeLiSA is the industry leading concierge simulation service and support program. A master level service agreement that bundles off of your equipment under one plan with reliable technician response times. Look no further!

Concierge Simulation Service
& Support Program

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What is MeLiSA?

Concierge Simulator Service & Support Program

MeLiSA stands for Master Level Service Agreement. We understand how valuable your time is and understand that running simulations and various equipment can be complex. Our extensive experience operating and servicing all manufacturers’ equipment allows us to provide technical support any time, anywhere!

Echo Healthcare’s MeLiSA Concierge Service & Support program is the only credible simulator service and support program in the industry that can combine equipment from multiple vendor(s) into a single service and support agreement. Our goal with each MeLiSA customer is to eliminate your downtime by providing immediate technical support and working towards a repair solution to keep your program operational! The MeLiSA Concierge Service & Support Program reduces downtime, enhances operations, connects you to a network of simulation experts and excels due to its independence in medical simulator support services.

Download the MeLiSA App

MeLiSA support is now easier than ever with the all new MeLiSA app! Connect your account to your facility inventory and easily schedule or request immediate support. Download the MeLiSA App today!

MeLiSA Simulator Service Programs

MeLiSA Service Programs

MeLiSA is a simulator-agnostic, real-time concierge simulator service and support program. We support all makes and models of patient simulators and task trainers and provide you with responsive support every step of the way to alleviate your downtime.

To best answer your questions or solve technical issues in a timely manner, we offer multiple forms of communication: telephone, video calls and live chat online. You can also schedule support at a time that’s most convenient for you!

Simulator Repair & Refurbishment

Has your patient simulator seen better days?

We understand that occasionally issues may arise that require an in-person visit. MeLiSA has expert Emergency Simulator Responders (ESR’s) ready and waiting to repair or refurbish any make or model of medical simulators.

The MeLiSA Advantage

Everyday, simulation labs around the world rely on the MeLiSA Advantage to stabilize maintenance costs, provide unparalleled customer support, decrease simulator downtime and improve operations. With 40+ years of experience in the simulation industry, our team is always here for whatever you need. Contact Echo Healthcare’s MeLiSA team today to learn how this concierge simulator support and maintenance program can help you!

How Our Customers Feel

“The MeLiSA service delivers tech support in a very timely,
knowledgable and professional way. My staff are noticeably less stressed.”

Jeff Dawes, Clinical Simulation Learning Centre Manager, Faculty of Nursing at University of Calgary

“We have absolutely loved having the MeLiSA program for our simulators. Having the capability of being able to call and actually talk to a person that can see what we are doing and be able to help is priceless.”

Kelli Hembree, Coordinator for Center of Medical Simulation

“With MeLiSA, we have one streamlined contract, someone you can talk to and get ahold of quickly, with a great price point, and a contact we trust.”

Jarrod Young, MBA, BSE, CHSOS-A, Director of Operations, Technology and Business Development

“The MeLiSA Program allowed us to reduce our annual warranty/service costs. We chose to cover more than half of our simulators with MeLiSA and will be moving to 75% in our 2nd year, allowing us significant cost savings.”

Michele Stearns, DNP, MSN, RN, Simulation Program Director for Nursing and Allied Health Professions