Sarasota, FL – Echo Healthcare Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has signed a partnership agreement with SimLeader to distribute unparalleled simulation technology into the healthcare industry.

“As a world leader in simulation-based training, we want to partner with other leaders in the industry to create the best outcomes for all future medical professionals. We are thrilled to be partnering with Echo Healthcare, a globally recognized leader with a passion for saving lives. This is a partnership that will truly make a difference when it comes to medical simulation,” said Robert-François Demers, CEO of SimLeader.

ERBoxSim is the world’s most advanced paramedic training solution. The ERBoxSim is a simulator combined with a software that grants an immersive experience for emergency medical training and paramedic training. The exclusive motion system will accurately reproduce the actual sensation of being in an ambulance in multiple scenarios. ERBoxSim technology provides a safe virtual training environment that allows teams to prepare for the unpredictable and properly evaluate their limitations and capacities under stress.

“SimLeader goes well beyond expectations when it comes to providing the most realistic training tools. I am a former paramedic, and it blows me away to see training tools like ERBoxSim – the world’s leading immersive ambulance simulator – that are so incredibly realistic. Practice does not always mean perfect, but perfect practice does and SimLeader provides the tools to achieve perfect practice. We believe this partnership will save many lives by training future paramedics as realistically as possible. We could not be more proud and excited,” said Kevin King, CEO of Echo Healthcare.

About SimLeader

SimLeader is a world leader in real-time simulation-based training for a variety of operations. Since its creation in 2010, SimLeader has specialized in the creation of realistic 3D training environments and scenarios based on the client’s specific requirements. SimLeader’s tools and solutions help their clients create and implement new training options and interactive learning activities that will help validate and consolidate new skills, and test the behaviors and attitudes related to specific real-life scenarios.